Ross’s of Edinburgh is the trading name of James Ross & Son (Edinburgh) Ltd, a fourth generation family company manufacturing sugar confectioner at our factory on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

We supply the Scottish tourist trade, gift shops, CTN’s, traditional sweetie shops, wholesalers, repackers and export with our world famous products. Please note that we do not operate an online shop. Members of the public who wish to purchase full outer quantities should contact us.

This website is designed to allow existing and prospective customers to view our product range and packaging. If you require further information please contact us by telephone, fax, email or snailmail.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Ross’s of Edinburgh  

Pentland Industrial Estate,  Loanhead,  Midlothian  EH20 9QR   Scotland

Tel          0131 440 1717

Fax.        0130 440 1400

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Ross’s of Edinburgh is the trading name of the family business of James Ross & Son (Edinburgh) Ltd, Manufacturing Confectioners.


The business was started by James Ross in a small shop, near the University of Edinburgh, in 1880. After coming back from the 1914/18 war the founder’s son, Andrew Ross, joined his father and the business slowly expanded and started supplying other shops mainly with Scotch Tablet and similar products. During the 1939/45 war production changed and in response to rationing longer lasting high boiled sweets were introduced.


Dr James Ross, the founder’s grandson, joined the firm in 1948 and the business continued to expand. “Puff Candy” was introduced and became a top seller. At this time our famous “yellow” box of “Edinburgh Castle Rock” was introduced for the first Edinburgh International Festival.


The current Chairman and Managing Director is Graham Ross, the founder’s great-grandson. He joined the firm in 1975 just before the factory moved to its present site at Loanhead, on the outskirts of Edinburgh. There are approximately 20 employees, many with long service records.


We have concentrated on typically Scottish Confectionery. Our best known product is “Edinburgh Castle Rock”, a soft eating rock in various flavours, sold primarily to tourists and visitors to Scotland. This is supported by a wide range of boilings, fudges and toffees in gift tins and boxes. Children’s’ lines include Edinburgh Rock sticks, Rhubarb Rock and other assorted flavoured rocks.


Another popular product is our soft white “After Dinner Mints” (non-chocolate) sold in retail gift packs and jars, prepack bags and in bulk to the hotel, restaurant and conference trade.


The acquisition of another Scottish company added Mint Imperials (Pan Drops), Butternuts, Sugar Pebbles and Clyde Tofymints to our range. We also supply lozenges – Mixed & Cinnamon Oddfellows and Aromatics.


In addition to our own production, we wholesale a number of complimentary products, Paterson Arran’s Shortbread and Mustards, Duncan’s Chocolate, Romney’s Kendal Mint Cake, Scott’s preserves and Campbell’s Shortbread Tartan range.


Our representatives and agents call on customers throughout the UK mainland and the office at Loanhead handles export, to a number of countries around the world.


Orders can be placed with our representatives and agents or direct to our sales office by telephone, fax, post or email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





     R265 Scottish Butter Fudge Box x 12        R266 Scottish Butter Tablet Box x 12

     R151 Scottish Butter Fudge Bar x 25         R171 Scottish Butter Tablet Bar x 25






R261 Butterscotch R271 Edinburgh Castle Rock R279 Handmade Butter Tablet





R273 Dairy Fudge           R275 Whisky Fudge           R272 Scottish Toffee





R260 After Dinner Mints       R262 Berwick Cockles

R278 Soor Plooms       R274 Mint Humbugs       R277 Scottish Boilings






 R310 Butterscotch   R306 Edinburgh Castle Rock  R309 Scottish Toffee

R310 Dairy Fudge  R312 Whisky Fudge  R315 Handmade Butter Tablet





R302 Berwick Cockles    R303 After Dinner Mints   R314 Soor Plooms

R300 Mint Humbugs     R311 Scottish Boilings




R208 ECR 270g Box x 12   R210 Satchel x 24    R209 ECR 135g Box x 24






R211 Postcard Box 270g x 12                   R253 Postcard Box 135g x 24


R226 Lettered Rock x 48





36 x 4 Stick MULTIPACKS

 R256 Iron Brew     R251 Rhubarb Rock    R252 Edinburgh Castle Rock

R250 Assorted Fruit Rock    R254 Peppermint Rock






24 x 5 Stick HANGPACKS

 R342 Edinburgh Castle Rock R341 Rhubarb Rock R340 Assort. Fruit Rock






Edinburgh Rock Sticks x 72

 R202 Edinburgh Castle Rock   R201 Peppermint Rock   R200 Ginger Rock






R231 Rhubarb Rock x 48